Inspiring Musician Productions Inc.  

Sound - Lighting - Backline

Music is our passion, audio is our life! Let us help you get that chart topping sound.

At Inspiring Musician Productions we push towards giving you the  best recording experience  with the highest quality outcome.

High Quality Recording


High quality recording equipment in the hands of knowledgable engineers makes a difference

Pristine Mastering

After mixing your project we provide mastering services for a final radio ready product

Song Writing

Live Sound Reinforcement 

We give our audience the best quality sound using professional equipment for concerts and any live performance. We ensure levels are correct and the sound mix is right to be complimented with the proper speaker placement. We offer these services for your big or small event. We Also provide Backline, Lighting and Staging.

Music Production

We can provide talented songwriters to help with your next single or you can choose from our unreleased in-house projects

Purchase beats from IMP or have one of our talented engineers/producers make you a custom beat tailored to your genre of music   

Professional Mixing

Let one of our mix engineers ensure your record is professionally mixed to industry standard

Post Production

Our engineers can create advertisments for radio and television including sourcing and recording voice-overs, SFX, and producing jingles 

Built on giving you the best experience combined with high quality Service


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